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From crystal coastlines and sparkling islands, along the hills of tasty truffles and prized wines, to breathtaking parks and venetian sites, Croatia is made up of the finer things in life.


The Adriatic glisters ethereal shades of green and blue, miniature waves wash over golden shores, and you’re baking in the glowing sun, daydreaming of life in Split as a Roman emperor. Croatia is the stuff dreams are made of. Not just its 1,800-km-long coastline, dotted with idyllic beaches and ancient towns, but the whole country. Covered in dense forests, pristine lakes, and rolling hills, Croatia is a road trip paradise. It’s also the perfect doorway to the vast and untapped treasures of Central and Eastern Europe. Or the icing on the cake that is your odyssey along the Mediterranean coast. Whichever way your adventure goes, it starts off right when you hire a campervan in Croatia!


Getting around Croatia by campervan


The price of a litre of diesel for your campervan hire in Croatia is average when compared with other European countries, which is great for extended road trips.

Speeding limits when driving your motorhome rental in Croatia are 130km/h (81mph) on freeways, 110km/h (68mph) on express roads, and regional roads have speeding limits of 90km/h (56mph).

Highways in the country are well maintained and are the main transport network for your van hire in Croatia.

Croatia has tolls on motorways, where you need to follow a ticket system.

Although possible, wild camping is not well accepted in the country. However, you have proper parking spots, paid or free to use, to spend a good night’s sleep in your RV rental in Croatia.


Croatia is an accessible country when we talk about the cost of living. A mid-range three-course meal for two costs about 220.00kn (€29.70).

Croatia can be divided into three different climatic regions: the north, with cold winters and hot summers; central Croatia with an alpine climate; and the Adriatic coast characterized by its cool, rainy winters, and hot, dry summers. Winter temperatures can go as low as -5°C, and summer temperatures go as high as 30°C.

Croats are family-oriented people who love spending their weekends together. They’re friendly and quite available to help you out. Direct and straightforward talk is valued. Be extra friendly by using dobro jutro (good morning), dobro dan (good day), and dobro veèer (good evening) when meeting a local.

Croatian is the country’s official language, but near 70% of the population also speaks English.

Explore the flavours of Croatia with traditional dishes such as Meso z tiblice, Lobster from Dalmatia, Pogača bread, or even the popular and unmissable Goulash. Vegetarian food is widely available; just ask.


About Croatia

Hrvatska gets its name from the Slavic tribe that migrated to the Adriatic coast and its hinterlands from South Poland between the sixth and seventh century. By the year 925, the pope appointed Tomislav ruler of the Kingdom of Croatia, who became first in line of a bunch of Croatian kings who reigned for two centuries. After the death of King Stjepan II in 1102, the Hungarian king Coloman snatched the throne, resulting in a union between Croatia and Hungary. Unfortunately, the alliance saw Croatia steadily lose control over their kingdom. In the following centuries, Venetians took control of the coast, Ottomans kept invading from the south, and the Habsburg rulers of Hungary centralized power over Croatia in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It took a catastrophic chain of events for the Croatians to become fully independent: first the fall of the Habsburg Monarchy in the First World War, and the resulting creation of the Yugoslav Kingdom; then the invasion by the Axis powers (Germany, Italy, and Hungary) in the Second War, and the creation of the Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia after their defeat; and finally the breakdown of that republic after years of bloody civil wars. In 1991, almost nine hundred years after the last Croatian king, Croatia was independent!

Rent a motorhome in Croatia and dive headfirst in a sea of pleasures––an endless ocean where nature sets the pace, delicate tastes colour your palette, the nightlife rules out sleep all together, and history becomes art in ruins and monuments. For a strikingly-modern twist, visit the country’s capital and core of contemporary art, Zagreb, with huge museums and galleries, like the Mimara Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Museum of Broken Relationships. Yes, the last one actually exists––and it’s a poetic testimony to the frailty of the human heart. Next, go wild and explore a thousand islands with names like Brač, Pág, Mjet, Vis, Krk, Rab, and Cres. Say that out loud a few times; can you feel the sun warming your skin already? Make extended stops in Croatia’s national parks to find out how many hues of green you didn’t know exist. Krka National Park with its gorgeous falls, and Plitvice Lakes National Park with its terraced lakes, are just two examples out of a list of many breathtaking parks. Lastly, treat yourself to the spoils of the Adriatic––fresh lobster, clams, scallops––straight from the ocean’s depths, right on top of your plate. The final ingredients to your campervan hire road trip in Croatia are the earthy flavours of locally-sourced olive oil, wine, and truffle!


What to discover

In and around the country

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park is the largest park in the country. This UNESCO’s World Heritage is known for its colourful lakes, connected by several waterfalls, alpine forests, mysterious caves and long hiking trails.

So bring your hiking boots and prepare to set foot on undiscovered terrain!

Ferry hopping

Croatia’s indented coast is dotted with over a thousand islands, many of them easily reachable from the mainland by ferry. For instance, you can catch a car ferry from Split to Brač or Hvar. From Dubrovnik, hop to Korcula.

With uncrowded beaches, tiny fisherman towns, and unspoilt ways of life, the islands are perfect side notes to your road trip in Croatia.


Rab is quite special. A Croatian island with ancient belfries and even-more-ancient walls, somehow here time stood still. The only thing moving seems to be the ocean washing onto a shore of ancient allure.

Also, it is perfect for runners who would love to brag they circumnavigated a whole island -- since it’s only 22km long.


Top Regions

Visit Dubrovnik on a road trip

The Dubrovnik region, at the very southern end of Croatia, has some of the best the country has to offer. Once the Republic of Ragusa (the ancient name for Dubrovnik), the Dubrovnik-Neretva County is a narrow slit of coast surrounded by Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. To get there by campervan from the rest of Croatia you should take the trip via ferry. Taking the winding coastal road that takes you through Bosnia and Herzegovina is unfortunately off-limits with your Indie campervan rental in Croatia.

The area south of Dubrovnik is so beautiful it’s known as the Dubrovnik Riviera! White beaches and ancient ruins meet the crystal-clear water of the Adriatic in Dubrovnik. At the heart of the region lies an ancient city with massive walls, fortifications, and an Old Town that ranges from Baroque to Renaissance. Ragusa, today known as Dubrovnik, is one of the most beautiful towns in all of the Mediterranean, and an absolute must-see on a Croatian road trip––so hire a campervan in Croatia and drive to Dubrovnik, following the winding coastal road for 230 km from Split! After visiting Dubrovnik, make your way down along the Dubrovnik Riviera, visiting cute towns like Plat, Mlini and Srebreno, all with serene beaches in the Zupa Dubrovacka (Dubrovnik Bay).

Explore Zagreb by motorhome

The capital and largest city of Croatia is both ancient and contemporary. Its age shows from the medieval Old Town and marks of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, while the city’s young spirit add a strikingly modern and artsy urban feel. A road trip to Zagreb takes you through the wider central and northwestern regions, where rivers flow past medieval villages and mighty fortresses overlook gentle hills and ancient forests.

Rent a motorhome in Croatia and drive up to Zagreb, past the incredible Velebit Mountain and serene the Plitvice Lakes. Visit Karlovac, the city on four rivers, where a fifth river flows from the Karlova Beer Brewery during the annual ten-day-long beer festival. Stop by at Dubovac Castle, before making your way to Zagreb and its medieval Old Town. Entering the old part of town through the medieval stone gate and visit impressive sites like the church, cathedral, and the stunning Mirogoj Cemetery. Drive your rental campervan or motorhome on to the Slovenian border, where the picturesque town of Samobor welcomes you with Baroque townhouses crowding cute squares.


Campervan hire in Dalmatia

Stretching from the northern island of Rab to the southern Bay of Kotor, Dalmatia is the number reason for road trips in Croatia. The belt of eastern coastline is an extravagant mix of historic towns, idyllic offshore islands, and the impressive Dinaric Alps protecting its eastern border. Ruled by the Venetian Republic for almost 400 years, the Dalmatian coast features stunning Venetian towns, while the Dalmatian hinterlands hold some of Croatia’s best national parks.

Start your Croatia campervan hire in Dalmatia’s Split, a town so impressive the Roman emperor had his palace built here. Today, more than 200 buildings from the Roman era remain, as well as the palace’s facade. Set between the mountains and the sea, Split is a vibrant port city where the buzzing Mediterranean way of life is at its best! And while Split is a busy city, the car ferry from the port will take another world. Brac Island is quieter than most Croatian islands, but has beautiful beaches and old Venetian settlements. The tiny island of Solta is even closer to Split, making it the perfect day-trip from the port city. Driving up along the coast, you’ll eventually hit Zadar––another one of Dalmatia’s must-sees! For starters, Venetian monuments are scattered throughout the old city centre. Mix that with quirky spectacles like the Sea Organ and the Sun Salutation, and you’ve got yourself a unique city.


Travel to Istria by van

With attractive towns, undiscovered beaches, and a gorgeous rolling landscape, Croatia’s largest peninsula and northern region of Istria is perfect for motorhome road trips. It’s small enough to cover, yet has three of Croatia’s most stunning coastal towns: Pula, Porec, and Rovinj. Besides, the region receives way less visitors compared to Dalmatia––which is the reason why you can still find secluded beaches for yourself in Istria! And while Croatia’s coast is blessed with delicious Mediterranean seafood, Istria has a culinary ace up its sleeve: it’s bobbing hills are home to wines, olive oil, and truffle!

If you start your Croatian motorhome rental adventure near Istria, in Zadar, make your way up north for a road trip on the Istrian peninsula. Stop by in Pula, a mesmerizing seafront city with ancient Roman ruins, like the Temple of Augustus and the Arch of Sergii. Pula has been occupied not just by Romans, but Venetians as well! Rovinj might be less known, but the quaint fishing port is at least equally stunning, with the Church of St Euphemia fronts the harbour from its hilltop overview, while colourful rows of houses decorate the boulevards.

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