Why you should do a road trip at least once in your lifetime


You're sitting on that same desk, with the same computer, making the same 10 minutes break just so you can escape a bit from your daily life. What if you can actually do it?


Life is a curious thing, isn’t it? One day you’re just chilling with your college mates, and on the next one you’re stuck in a super-serious job that you previously thought was all you ever wanted, but is not half as exciting as you thought it’d be. Whether you find yourself in the first or second situation, a road trip is always the best thing you can do to take the most out of life. Why? Well, we’ve got several reasons for that. Buckle up and let’s go Indie!


1. It allows you to escape

Guy exploring nature

As you’re heading to work, you stop by the usual red light. “Why is it red EVERY. SINGLE. TIME?”, right? But for a moment – maybe for only a split second – you ask yourself “what if I turn right this time? What if I spend the rest of the day driving, enjoying the sun for a change, doing what I’m missing every time I sit behind that desk?”. 

By doing a road trip, you actually turn right and start exploring a new reality that you miss every day. Forget about that desk, the stress, the numbers, and say hello to the freedom you truly deserve.



2. You’ll visit places you never thought existed

Man with arms wide open next to a waterfall

One thing is to take a flight to a specific city and visit a list of points of interest common to a lot of tourists. That’s good, no doubt. But what about all the other things?

By doing a road trip, you’ll live a totally different experience. You’ll drive through unknown amazing places you’d never know about if you weren’t driving: that little cosy café with an amazing breakfast, the jaw-dropping view you discover just when you think you’re lost, that tiny grocery store with the sweetest old lady behind the counter that has the best home-baked cookies… Hundreds of places you’ll remember for life. And that leads us to the next reason.



3. You’ll live stories you’ll be telling for life

4 friends looking at a map on a van

Do you know that moment when you’re travelling and, out of nowhere, something totally unexpected happens? That’s what makes a holiday: it leaves you with awesome new stories to tell your friends and family for years to come. On a road trip, moments like that happen all the time.

Like when the waitress tells you her unbelievable life story, while you order your toast with scrambled eggs; or getting lost in the middle of nowhere, without GPS or mobile coverage, trying to get through a ravaging storm; or spending the night next to a surprisingly-well-conserved abandoned house – and later finding out it’s said to be haunted.



4. It’s incredible for building stronger relationships

Couple inside car smiling

Whether you’re travelling with your other half or with friends, you’ll definitely be strengthening those bonds on a road trip.

Spending a lot of time together, especially in a confined space, will make you closer than ever. You’ll share things you never shared before, learn how to live together under any circumstances and, most importantly of all, live adventures that will unite you like nothing before. Since you don’t do road trips all the time, you’ll remember that experience with a feeling of nostalgia, wanting to get back there with the exact the same person/people – and fortunately you have an easy fix for that: plan another epic road trip!



5. A new and better you will come to the surface

Woman in a deck enjoying the sun

You already know you. Which is no surprise since you’re with yourself 24/7, right? But how are you without a boss, responsibilities, stress or any kind of worry? 

By doing a road trip, you’ll find out who that person is you have inside and who is craving for freedom. The one who has no complications, no problems and no obligations – but that’s always ready for new adventures, to meet new people and that has the audacity to take his time just to breathe the fresh air. Do you know this “you”?


6. You’ll know life a little better

2 girls hugging

Every day we live in our little bubble like it’s everything that exists in the world. That way, we tend to have an egocentric perspective of things.

When you do a road trip, you get to know new places, new cultures, meet new people with completely different lives, points of view and ways of being. This means that you’ll have a broader picture of the world you live in, getting to know life a little better.


After all this, what are you waiting for? Select the dates, create an itinerary, choose your campervan and go Indie throughout Europe (at least once in your lifetime)!

About road trips

A road trip is all about enjoying the most you can out of life: to connect with your travelling friends, explore the world you live in but know so little about, be amazed by landscapes you’ve only seen in the movies and to live unforgettable adventures you’ll share with everyone for years to come. As a matter of fact, there are hundreds of reasons to do a road trip, ready to be discovered every time you hit the road.







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