Road Trip Tips For Beginners

Many people are not sure how to prepare before going on a road trip, or even camping for a few days. Looking for information online can be frustrating, that is why we are offering these ultimate road trip tips for people who wish to try our campervans. Throughout this article, we will address the pre-road trip tips, then the tools and kits we recommend our users to bring with them, as well as what to pack when camping during winter.


Planning ahead gives you enough time to renew your documents if any of them are expiring soon. Anything from your driver’s license to any paperwork you think you might need. It’s a good idea to sit around and make a list of what you need for the trip. Here is a quick list of things you might want to bring on your next road trip:

  • Accommodation: We highly recommend planning your accommodation ahead of time when going on a road trip. We recommend our users to use the app park4night (available on Android and iOS) which gives you the possibility to book your stays in the desired campsites in your preferred area. Plus, campsites usually offer a range of facilities that you will need during your trip such as laundry, filling your water tank, and recharging your batteries.
  • Medication: If you need to follow a certain medication, we advise you to buy yours in advance in your local area, as some types of medication may not be available right away in all pharmacies on the road, or you may need a specific prescription in the country you are traveling to. 
  • Get info about your RV: Getting to know your RV is a very important process while planning. Knowing exactly what your campervan is equipped with can help you choose the right things to bring along with you. For example, toilet, gas cartridge, rooftop tent, exterior table, baby seat, and kitchen kit. Additionally, it is crucial to know beforehand some specific details such as the water tank capacity and the refrigerator’s volume, and if there is a heating system. You can get more information on our RV models here.
  • Road maps: In a place where you do not have access to the internet, good old road maps are the best way to get you to your destination. It is always advisable to have it, as it also adds a sense of wanderlust to your journey. 

Pre-road trip tips 

Camping is many people’s way to connect with the natural world. Part of this experience is to go out of your comfort zone such as changes to hygiene, weather conditions, food, and embracing uncertainty. Our motto is “pack for comfort and seek discomfort”, meaning that it is always a good idea to know some road trip tips and come prepared for camping. To do so, the best list of things to pack when going for a road trip or camping with our vans starts with: 

  • Spare phone chargers: Our vans are equipped with charging ports so that you access them during your road trip. It is always recommended to bring extra batteries and power banks, especially if you are planning to spend the day away from your van to explore nature or a city.
  • Hygiene: This topic is a must when preparing our essential road trip tips. Bringing your towels, shower gel, sanitizer, cleaning supplies, and related items can increase your comfort during your road trip. Campsites are usually equipped with a laundry service that you can use in case you cannot wash them yourself. Plus, you will also have access to water to fill up your tank when you need to.
  • First Aid: First and foremost, a medical kit is undoubtedly essential to your camping trip. It can be very useful to at least bring: sterile plasters, scissors, thermometer, insect spray, anti-burn cream, painkillers such as paracetamol, disinfecting liquid, tweezers, and gloves. Having a first aid kit can also be very helpful if you are thinking of buying a campervan through with Indie Campers’s new Marketplace !
  • Survival Gear: Going on adventures requires an adequate and proper setup. When traveling, a backpack is your best friend. However, you have to make sure to pack it with the right items. A water bottle, a Swiss army knife, and a torch are classic, and you should always have them with you. Duct tape, rope, compass, lighter, watch all come in handy when adventuring out into nature. While a hat, spare batteries, power bars, matches, and a sleeping bag would come in handy if planning to spend a considerable amount of time away from your campervan. 
  • Weather: It is always good to be familiar with the local weather when traveling. This will allow you to prepare appropriately when spending the night in your campervan. For cold weather, it is essential to bring a sleeping bag, especially if you are planning to spend the night in a rooftop tent. Clothing plays a vital role in your camping trip, make sure you have the right garments for the right weather. Concerning driving in bad weather conditions, you can read our article about driving a campervan here.

A quick tip: try to hide from the wind when parking at night. 

  • Music/Games: If you are a music lover, then creating a road trip playlist should already be a top priority for you. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with Indie Campers’ personal top songs for road trips. If you happen to be an Audiobooks fan, we also have a list of the best 2021 audiobook apps with a free trial on our blog.
  • Food: Getting away from the normal routine and bracing yourself for fun yet weird food combos at the end of the day can be a lot of fun. If you plan to cook all your meals, we’ve got you covered, all our campervan rentals come with a kitchen kit.

To finish off our brief road trip tips, we don’t want to forget that safety is the number one priority we should look out for. Driving carefully, getting enough sleep, and using common sense to avoid unnecessary risks is something we always hope our travelers understand. 

Now that you know the basics, it’s easy to see that renting an RV is easier than some might think !

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