About Indie Campers

We live to explore, to get lost and to discover. We do it all for the stories, the mischief and the magic.

Searching for hidden beaches, venturing deep into the heart of the woods, or off the beaten path in charming foreign cities, we’ll be outdoors. Children of the sun, aching for the sea, with our feet dirty and a pocketful of sunshine. Nature is our home. With salty hair, warm smiles and sunny freckles, we’ll be out making new friends, connecting and bringing wild souls together, ever closer in our family. Playing guitar by the bonfire, and gazing at the stars until the wee hours of the morning, kissing the moon goodbye. We live free.

What about you?

The Indie Adventure

What started off as a 3 van rental company in Portugal, brought to reality in 2013 by 2 good friends, a Portuguese and an Austrian, has become one of Europe’s largest campervan rental company. With a fleet of over 650 vehicles, Indie Campers currently operates over 50 locations across Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Croatia, Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica.

Aiming to provide travellers with the ultimate road trip experience, Indie Campers offers adventurers the opportunity to start their journey in one location and end it in any of our other depots. With a wide array of extras available for rent, such as WiFi, GPS, tables and chairs, barbecues, surfboards or even bikes, Indie Campers makes it easy for all keen explorers to effortlessly customise their trip and turn their holidays truly unique.

Further, Indie Campers shifts the hassle of travel planning towards a relaxed, personalized experience through the dedicated support of the bookings team. We provide travellers with authentic local tips and advice, highlighting special places for an unforgettable trip.

We are committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience, as well as outstanding care and support. We take great pride in working on consistently improving our product offering, as well as our complementary services.

Mission and Drive

Indie Campers’ mission is to enable the freedom of movement, inspiring and connecting explorers worldwide with unforgettable European destinations.

Driven by a deep passion for travelling and bold living, our keen desire is to restore authenticity and add a dimension of adventure to our travellers’ journeys. We are committed to delivering an outstanding customer service, and a memorable experience.

Join the movement! #GoIndie

Two girls standing outside and Indie Campers campervan by a campfire
Explore by campervan - couple admiring the wonderful view on a cliff
Little boy playing with the sink inside an Indie Campers campervan
Indie Campers campervan and guy in the cliffs admiring the sea at sunset
Family sitting outside by an Indie Campers campervan on the sunset, on a lake margin
Indie Campers campervan and a family having fun by a lake on the sunset
Explore by campervan - amazing sunset on the beach with cliffs
A guy taking a shower outside of the campervan after surfing at sunset
Indie Campers campervans parked on the side of the road on a viewpoint by the sea
Two Indie Campers campervans travelling on the road
Indie Campers campervan under a beautiful night sky full of starts
Three friends standing on the roof of an Indie Campers campervan admiring the sunset by the sea
A guy standing on the roof of an Indie Campers campervan on a beautiful night watching the stars
Two girls sitting on an Indie Campers campervan in the forest
Two girls talking inside an Indie Campers campervan lying in their beds
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